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Graphic Designer

A multi-discaplinary designer specialising in self-aware design and critical thinking strategies. First class honours graphic design graduate from the University of the West of England (UWE.)

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I’m a GenZ designer (just) who specialises in materials including but not limited to: Packaging, Website Design, Way-finding & Semiotics as well as Editorial and Print. All of my final year studies have been designing to address moral imbalance and sustainability issues.

Though I do sometimes stray from graphic design for extra-curricular reasons, being an avid painter and often trying my hand at crafts - currently attempting to master crochet. I have a history as a fine-art and textiles student, which is where I picked up my design skills - this is also where I discovered my interest in controversial materials and my responsibility as a designer to host hard-to-have conversations.

Outside of my professional profile as a designer, I often take yoga classes and am a keen swimmer as well as a plant enthusiast (maybe I’m more GenZ than I thought?)

Often described as honest, determined and at-ease. Being a creative comes naturally but my detail obsessed approach to life can sometimes be the thing that holds me back. 

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