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Graphic Designer

Campaign (1)

Student Campaign

January - April 2021
In January 2021 there were growing concerns about the extent to which the pandemic was affecting our final year of university and what measures were put in place to ensure we wouldn’t suffer as a result of the numerous lockdowns. There weren’t any. With that, I decided to run a university-wide campaign to encourage UWE to implement a safety-net policy which would ensure we would still be awarded what we had worked for over our three years of univeristy.

The campaign ran for a total of four months while I had numerous meetings with exec staff and UWE officials as to what could be done and why it needed to happen.


Award (1)

Student Experience Award

April 2021
In April 2021, I was nominated for a Student Experience Award for my hard work and perseverance with the campaign - in aid of improving student experience for 2021.